Full-time or part-time position

3D Rendering Artist

We are seeking a skilled 3D Rendering Artist to help bring the ideas and vision of Space Oasis Delft to life! The role is dynamic, involving tasks that evolve throughout the different project phases, for which we seek someone who is adaptable and possesses a keen eye for detail. Collaboration is a key aspect of this role, both within the 3D rendering department and with other departments to ensure the successful execution of our team’s vision. As the year progresses, the number of tasks and assignments will increase. If you possess experience working with software such as Blender, video-editing tools (DaVinci Resolve), and Adobe Suite (After Effects, Photoshop, etc.) this is highly valued. Additionally, if you have an eye for composition, textures, 3D modeling, lighting, and spatial insight. If you are passionate about turning new ideas into visually stunning 3D renders and thrive in a collaborative environment, we encourage you to become a part of our team and apply for this dynamic role!

Key Responsibilities:

Brainstorming: You will engage in brainstorming sessions within the department to stay informed on trends and advancements in the 3D-rendering field and contribute creative and innovative ideas that could take our project’s visuals to the next level. This also means that throughout the project you will be researching and utilizing relevant materials and software best suited for the tasks at hand to elevate the quality and realism of the 3D renders.

Storyboarding, Compositing, and Post-Processing: Depending on the assignment, you will be participating in storyboarding, compositing, and post-processing to ensure the alignment of visual and content objectives in the final product output.

Collaboration with the PR coordinators: Primarily during the concept design phase you will collaborate closely with the PR coordinators to create visually engaging materials for promotional purposes. This includes crafting videos, trailers, and concept renders tailored for our social media platforms.

Collaboration with the Architecture Department: As a 3D-rendering artist you will play a pivotal role in the second phase of the project (preliminary phase) and the remaining phases, by collaborating closely with (mainly) the architecture department to visualize their designs and bringing their vision to life with 3D-renders and visuals.

Cross-Departmental Meetings: The role involves dynamic tasks that evolve throughout different project phases, collaboration is key, both within the department and in cross-departmental meetings, to ensure the successful execution of the artistic vision in line with project goals. As the year progresses, the number of tasks and assignments will increase. As a 3D-rendering artist then, you will be asked to attend meetings with other departments to discuss the assigned tasks, discuss needs and expectations, and align the artistic vision with the content being created.

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