Full-time or part-time position

Life Support Engineer (Engineering)

To aid in creating sustainable and habitable environments beyond Earth, we are seeking a talented Life Support Engineer to join our team and play a pivotal role in designing systems that ensure the well-being and sustenance of inhabitants in lunar habitats. If you have an interest in exploring how to sustain life in hostile environments, particularly through the design of closed-loop systems, recycling resources, and optimizing atmospheres for both humans and vegetation, we invite you to apply and become a key contributor in pioneering life support systems that will contribute to the future of lunar habitation and space exploration!

Key Responsibilities:

Specialize in life support: You will be focusing on designing systems to sustain life in hostile environments, including ensuring a habitable atmosphere for humans and food production. overseeing life support systems, including oxygen and food production, and environmental control within habitats.

Develop closed-loop systems: You will be exploring the development of closed-loop systems that efficiently recycle resources, creating sustainable environments for both inhabitants and vegetation within lunar habitats. The systems will ensure a habitable atmosphere for humans and food production through a closed-loop system, with the recycling of resources and an optimal atmosphere for vegetation.

Close collaboration: With your expertise in life support engineering and focus on designing systems for sustaining life in challenging environments, including closed-loop systems and resource recycling, you will collaborate closely with the medical department to ensure the comprehensive well-being of the habitat's inhabitants.

Meeting Attendance: Attend weekly department meetings to discuss progress, concepts, challenges, opportunities for improvement and innovations within the engineering team to ensure a final integrated design.

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