Full-time or part-time position

Medical Specialist (Biotechnology)

Are you a forward-thinking medical researcher with a passion for exploring the frontiers of science and medicine? We are seeking an enthusiastic individual to join our team as a Medical Specialist focused on space health. In this role, you will play a pivotal part in identifying and addressing the unique medical challenges associated with human health during space flight and long-term habitation on other planets. If you are excited about pushing the boundaries of medical research and contributing to the health and well-being of space travelers, we invite you to apply for this impactful position. Join us on our mission to advance human exploration beyond Earth and pioneer the future of space health!

Key Responsibilities:

Conducting Research: The primary goal of this role is to research nutrition, behavior of pathogens in space environments, implications of human reproduction in space as well as on matters such as the interaction of the human body and ionizing radiation. By researching the requirements and implications posed upon humans in space, you will be working closely with the other departments.

Formulating strategies: By mapping out medical challenges related to human health in space, with a focus on the deadly environment (exposures such as radiation and gravity, and dust), you will be able to provide insights and recommend countermeasures to mitigate health risks.

Long-term Habitation Strategy: You will be tasked with formulating a comprehensive strategy for long-term habitation on another planet. For this as well, mapping and identifying expected morbidities, developing healthcare organizational plans, and outlining the necessary resources, personnel, and materials required for effective healthcare delivery in a space habitation environment.

Integration with Engineering and Architecture: You will be working closely with the architecture and engineering departments, taking on an advisory role to ensure that the medical factors have been considered and integrated into the designs and structures.

Attend weekly meetings: You will attend weekly meetings with various departments to facilitate collaboration and hereby adopt an interdisciplinary approach, collaborating with team members from diverse fields, and sharing your expertise to contribute to a comprehensive understanding of the medical perspective and in this way, ensure an integrated design.

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