Full-time or part-time position

Model Making Expert (Architecture)

Are you a hands-on creative with a passion for transforming designs into tangible, three-dimensional masterpieces? We are seeking a Model-Making Expert who thrives on challenges and is excited about the unique complexities of crafting models for space architecture. In this role, you will be instrumental in making innovative concepts a reality, utilizing a diverse range of machines and materials. If you have an eye for detail. are passionate about turning visionary designs into physical reality, enjoy overcoming challenges, and are ready to contribute to the innovative field of space architecture, we invite you to join our team as a Model-Making Expert!

Key Responsibilities:

Material Knowledge and Presentation Skills: You will bring designs and ideas to life by building and producing models through a hands-on approach, employing a variety of machines to achieve precision and detail. Your ability to capture the essence of designs will be pivotal in creating visually compelling models. Demonstrate knowledge of model-making materials and the ability to creatively present models. Your expertise will contribute to the effective communication of design concepts.

Adaptability and Flexibility: You embrace the challenges of model-making for space architecture, where unique building circumstances will require more adaptability and flexibility than in regular model-making. As the project progresses, your role may evolve to become more specialized in model-making for specific aspects of space architecture. Present a portfolio or examples of previously crafted models to demonstrate your skills and experience in the field.

Machine Operation & Dream Hall Courses: For this role, knowledge is preferred in operating the machines required for model-making, but not mandatory. Willingness to learn and adapt to new machines is essential. The Dream Hall provides courses that you can follow, for instance in 3D printing, Machining, and Composites. As a Model-Making Expert, you exhibit stress resilience, especially when working extensively with machines and you handle tight deadlines by maintaining a calm and safe working environment.

General Architecture & Software Proficiency: Besides contributing to the team through your expertise in model-making, you will also spend a lot of time working with regular architecture concepts and tasks. This may involve working on projects that extend beyond your specialization.

Meeting Attendance: Attend weekly department meetings to discuss progress, concepts, challenges, and innovations within the architecture team to ensure a final integrated design.

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