Full-time position

Operations Manager

Are you ready to take on a versatile role that combines public relations, partnership development, event organization, and operational oversight? We are seeking a creative and dynamic individual to fill the position of Operations Manager. If you are a strategic thinker with a passion for public relations and partnership development, we invite you to apply for this multifaceted role. Contribute to our team by shaping the external image and cultivating partnerships, while simultaneously ensuring that everything is executed seamlessly in our Operations Department!

Key Responsibilities:

Operations Team Planning and Progress Tracking: You will be developing detailed plans for the Operations Department by outlining objectives and timelines. Throughout the project, you will employ your planning and organizational skills to monitor and track progress and deadlines within the Operations Department, ensuring the efficient and timely completion of the tasks.

End Responsibility for PR Deliverables: You will serve as the final authority and overseer for all public relations deliverables and develop and execute comprehensive PR strategies to enhance and maintain the team’s image and visibility.

End Responsibility for Partnerships: You will act as the primary point of contact for all partnership initiatives and cultivate, maintain, and expand partnerships to support our team’s goals.

Organize planning for the 3D Rendering Artists: These team members will provide renders for all the different departments and clear communication lines are necessary to keep this process streamlined. You are end responsible for their planning, expectation management, and making sure they can meet the set deadlines.

Meeting Attendance: There are regular meetings in the Dream Hall for all Operations Managers to share knowledge and best practices in which you will represent our team.

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