Full-time position

Project Manager

The Project Manager is the link between the competition and the team. We are seeking an experienced, organized, and proactive individual for the position of Project Manager. Are you a strategic and critical thinker with a passion for competition, planning, and interdepartmental collaboration? Then we invite you to apply for this exciting and versatile role. Join us in shaping the future success of our team on a global stage by chasing the end goal of winning the competition!

Key Responsibilities:

Competition Representation: As the Project Manager, you act as the primary representative of our team in the competition, ensuring a strong and professional presence. For this you will be expected to strategically navigate competition environments, keeping abreast of industry trends and competitors. This also works the other way around, you will represent the competition's opinion in discussions with the departments and management meetings.

Global Year Plan Development: You will collaborate with department heads to formulate a comprehensive Global Year Plan, aligning team objectives with overarching goals. Furthermore, you will work closely together with them to integrate departmental plans into a cohesive, synchronized, and feasible organizational strategy.

Progress Tracking and Adjustment: Throughout the project, you will monitor the progress against established goals and milestones. For this, you will proactively identify areas for improvement and implement adjustments to optimize the team’s performance.

Interdepartmental Coordination: You are tasked with facilitating communication and collaboration among departments, particularly in cases where research, design, or tasks overlap. It is important to encourage and maintain a culture of knowledge-sharing and cross-functional cooperation to enhance the overall team efficiency.

Dream Hall training attendance: Attend DAANTES management training sessions outside of regular work hours (roughly two hours, every other week) to enhance your skills and stay updated on the best practices of the industry. This is also a perfect moment to catch up with the managers of other Dream Teams and use each other's experiences.

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