Full-time or part-time position

Space Biologist (Biotechnology)

We are seeking an innovative Space Biologist to join our team! If you have an interest in exploring how organisms could be incorporated into closed-loop systems designed for harsh environments, advising on nature-inspired design solutions, and researching the behavior of plants and microorganisms in space, we invite you to apply for this position in our team!

Key Responsibilities:

Conducting Research: Explore opportunities to utilize biology in creating closed-loop systems, managing Carbon/Nitrogen/Nutrient cycles, and maintaining a breathable atmosphere within confined environments. You could, for instance, conduct research on the behavior of plants and microorganisms in space and harsh environments, understanding their adaptability and resilience.

Closed-loop systems: Incorporate living organisms into closed-loop systems designed for challenging environments, ensuring an integration that supports sustainability and self-sufficiency and providing advice on design solutions inspired by nature, pinpointing elements from biology to enhance biomimicry in the habitat design.

Multidisciplinary Collaboration: Collaborate closely with engineers and the medical specialist to seamlessly integrate biological solutions into the overall habitat designs.

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