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Space Psychologist (Biotechnology)

Are you fascinated by the complexities of human behavior and the challenges posed by space exploration? We are seeking an enthusiastic Space Psychologist to join our team and contribute to our project by researching the psychological effects, challenges, and issues of prolonged stay in space, as well as how society will interact and look in this setting. This role involves studying various aspects of human behavior in space, addressing the psychological effects of extended space stays and plays a crucial role in designing psychologically friendly space habitats. If you are excited about the intersection of psychology and space exploration and are eager to contribute to the success of our design, we encourage you to apply for this unique and impactful position. Join us on our journey to make space exploration not only technically feasible but also psychologically sustainable!

Key Responsibilities:

Conducting Research: The primary goal of this role is to conduct research aimed at making the lunar habitat psychologically friendly, ensuring the mental health and resilience of the inhabitants. You will conduct research to learn more about the behavior of astronauts and crew members during space missions to better understand and enhance their mental well-being in the space habitat. In doing this, you will bridge the gap between existing knowledge and uncertainties in the field, making educated guesses and proposing innovative solutions to challenges in a dynamic space environment.

Research Psychological Effects and Challenges: Investigate and map out the psychological effects, challenges, and issues associated with prolonged stays in space, providing valuable insights for your team members for the support and planning of the mission and habitational stay. The research that you will be conducting will also pertain to analyzing how societies will interact and evolve in the unique environment of space, enabling you to contribute insights to shape the space communities.

Integration with Engineering and Architecture: You will be working closely with the architecture and engineering departments, taking on an advisory role to ensure that the psychological factors have been considered and integrated into the designs and structures.

Attend weekly meetings: You will attend weekly meetings with various departments to facilitate collaboration and hereby adopt an interdisciplinary approach, collaborating with team members from diverse fields, and sharing your expertise to contribute to a comprehensive understanding of space psychology and ensure an integrated design.

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