Full-time position

Team Manager

The Team Manager is the face of Space Oasis Delft II. We are seeking a motivated and organized individual to take on this pivotal role. A team manager is a leader, a communicator, resourceful, and possesses motivational and time management skills. As the primary point of contact with the Dream Hall, you will play a crucial role in fostering strong connections within our organization. If you are a proactive and dedicated individual with a passion for team building and engagement, we invite you to apply for this exciting opportunity. Join us on our innovative space architecture journey and help us shape the future of our team!

Key Responsibilities:

Team Representation: As the Team Manager, you will serve as the face of the team, representing our values and mission both internally and externally.

Dream Hall Liaison: You will be tasked with establishing and maintaining effective communication with the Dream Hall to ensure seamless collaboration and alignment of goals.

Team-Bonding: You will lead in creating a cohesive and positive team culture by organizing and implementing team-bonding activities throughout the project.

Onboarding Leadership: You will lead the onboarding process for the new team members, ensuring that they experience a smooth transition into our organization.

Recruitment: You will take charge of the recruitment process by identifying and bringing in top talent to contribute to the success of our (next) team.

Dream Hall training attendance: Attend DAANTES management training sessions outside of regular work hours (roughly two hours, every other week) to enhance your skills and stay updated on the best practices of the industry. This is also a perfect moment to catch up with the managers of other Dream Teams and use each other's experiences.

Event Participation & Alumni Engagement: You will actively participate in various events outside of work hours to promote our team and establish connections within the community. You will also maintain relationships with alumni to strengthen our network and leverage their insights for team growth and development.

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