Full-time or part-time position

Transport Engineer (Engineering)

We are seeking a skilled and motivated Space Transport Engineer to join our team. Your expertise will be instrumental in advancing our project and expanding the horizons of human exploration in space. If you have a passion for developing innovative solutions in space transport, with a focus on transporting materials, configuring prefabrication, facilitating extravehicular activities, and researching launch vehicles, we invite you to become a part of our team and contribute to our project!

Key Responsibilities:

Specialization in Transport: In addition to the configuration of prefabrication, you will specialize in transporting materials, both in transport on the surface and the transport on the journey to the space habitat location.

Researching and Evaluating: In addition to conducting research and evaluating launch vehicles for viability in transporting materials and people from Earth, you will evaluate and oversee the logistics of materials, coordinating their transport and utilization within space habitats and structures. In this way you will design and configure prefabricated structures for efficient deployment in space environments, optimizing the transport process and ensuring the safe and effective execution of tasks beyond the confines of spacecraft and habitats.

Close Collaboration: With your knowledge of launch vehicle technologies and the ability to research and evaluate options for Earth-to-planet transport and human habitat transfer, as well as your strong understanding of logistics principles, particularly in the context of materials transport for space applications, you will be providing information to the other engineers and their respective subsystems within your department and the architecture department. By providing your team members with critical information regarding transport, you will enable them to make informed decisions concerning the transportability of their respective subsystems and designs.

Meeting Attendance: Attend weekly department meetings to discuss progress, concepts, challenges, opportunities for improvement, and innovations within the engineering team to ensure a final integrated design.

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