Apply for Space Oasis Delft 2!

Academic year 2024/2025 starting this September

Are you interested in working on the space village of the future while competing in an international architecture competition? Would you like to join Space Oasis Delft 2? Here you can find the available roles for the academic year 2024/2025

Do not hesitate to approach us with any questions by emailing : or sending us a DM via Instagram/LinkedIn


Team manager

The Team Manager is the face of Space Oasis Delft II. We are seeking a motivated and organized individual to take on this pivotal role. A team manager is a leader, a communicator, resourceful, and possesses motivational and time management skills.

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Project Manager

The Project Manager is the link between the competition and the team. We are seeking an experienced, organized, and proactive individual for the position of Project Manager.

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Operations Manager

Are you ready to take on a versatile role that combines public relations, partnership development, event organization, and operational oversight? We are seeking a creative and dynamic individual to fill the position of Operations Manager.

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Lead Architect

Are you a visionary architect with a passion for overseeing and shaping the architectural vision of our project? We are looking for a motivated and enthusiastic individual with a passion for architecture and space to fill this role.

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Space Architect (x2)

Are you a forward-thinking, motivated individual with a passion for architecture and space exploration?

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Building Technologist

Are you a motivated and forward-thinking architect with a keen interest in building technology, manufacturing, and innovative techniques, especially in the context of space architecture?

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Space Urban designer

Are you ready to envision the future of urbanism beyond our planet? We are seeking a dynamic and forward-thinking Space Urbanist who is enthusiastic about the possibilities of building in space.

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Model Making Expert

Are you a hands-on creative with a passion for transforming designs into tangible, three-dimensional masterpieces?

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PR Coordinator (x2)

Are you passionate about graphic design, shaping a positive public image and utilizing various channels to showcase our team's accomplishments?

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Partnerships Coordinator (x2)

Are you a dynamic, communicative, and results-driven individual with a passion for building partnerships?

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Events Coordinator (x2)

Are you a proactive, creative, and organized individual with a passion for bringing events to life?

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3D-rendering artist (x2)

We are seeking a skilled 3D Rendering Artist to help bring the ideas and vision of Space Oasis Delft to life!

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Lead Engineer

Are you an engineer with a passion for guiding collaboration and elevating engineering projects? We are seeking an individual with technical expertise and leadership skills to step into the role of Lead Engineer.

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Materials Engineer

As a Materials Engineer, you will play a crucial role in developing innovative materials for space applications, with a focus on lightweight materials, in-situ resource utilization, radiation protection, and vacuum compatibility.

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Transport Engineer

We are seeking a skilled and motivated Space Transport Engineer to join our team. Your expertise will be instrumental in advancing our project and expanding the horizons of human exploration in space.

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Structural Engineer

We are seeking a skilled Structural Engineer with expertise in diverse structures, including pneumatic, prefab, and modular constructions, experience in low gravity and vacuum conditions, and a passion for innovative construction methods like 3D printing and implementing new technologies in structural design.

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Life Support Engineer

To aid in creating sustainable and habitable environments beyond Earth, we are seeking a talented Life Support Engineer to join our team and play a pivotal role in designing systems that ensure the well-being and sustenance of inhabitants in lunar habitats.

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Power Engineer

If you have a keen interest in power systems and non-fossil fuels and a passion for designing and optimizing power systems with a focus on innovative solutions like nuclear and solar energy, we invite you to contribute to our project!

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Medical Specialist

Are you a forward-thinking medical researcher with a passion for exploring the frontiers of science and medicine?

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Space Psychologist

Are you fascinated by the complexities of human behavior and the challenges posed by space exploration?

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Space Biologist

Do you have an interest in exploring how organisms could be incorporated into closed-loop systems designed for harsh environments, advising on nature-inspired design solutions, and researching the behavior of plants and microorganisms in space?

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Space Agriculturist

Do you have a passion for agriculture and exploring the possibilities of food production in space?

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